Going Green with Business – Going Beyond Recycled Paper and Light Bulbs

February 4, 2010

My friends and I always been into saving the environment. I’ll never forget the 18th recycled birthday card I received from a friend with “Save the Earf” written inside. When I was in high school, 17 years ago, my class started the first paper recycling program. The program was started and run by the students. The recycling program in my home town also started during my high school years. With all the environmental information coming to the forefront during my formative years, the environment has always been on my mind. I have become an mini-expert as of late to find ways to cut my carbon footprint not only personally but with my business.

What is Green Marketing?
Marketing with products that are environmentally safe and developing your business in a sustainable way Рmeeting your needs without jeopardizing  future generations to meet their needs.
Green Printing – When printing your promotional materials, go beyond printing on recycled paper. Look for a printer that takes strides to recycle their waste paper. Does the printer offer low-VOC soy-based inks? These inks are kinder to our environment and are less toxic than traditional printing inks.
Personalized Promotional Products – We all at one time or another ordered products with our logo and contact information for promotional uses. How about purchasing products that are made from recycled materials? A quick search on the internet and you can find pens made from recycled cardboard, recycled denim pencils and bookmark or key rings made from old computer circuits. These items are becoming more and more popular, your choices are infinite and becoming very affordable.
Green Hosting РThe average website server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV. The recent addition of green hosting means that the servers used by the hosting company are powered by wind energy or other renewable sources.  Most Green Hosting companies also use servers that use up to 40% less power consumption. Having an eco-friendly website helps reduce your carbon footprint.
Social Media – Another easy green marketing tip is to start email marketing campaigns or social media. Start up LinkedIn page, Facebook, Twitter and a Blog. Spend a small amount of time every day or every other day posting something that will be relevant to readers about your industry. Every time you post something, it is like a small promotion for your business. The more you post, the more often your company name will be in front of others and you will have name recognition. The best part about all of this is that it is free…other than your time of course. Answer questions that other posts and become an “industry expert”. Post information about what your company is working on, perhaps your new stride to become green.
Reduce Plastic Use – Eliminate plastic from your shipping. Try using cornstarch packing peanuts – this wonderful peanuts biodegrade and are non- toxic. Choose suppliers who take back packaging for reuse. Read the article below to get some perspective on what plastic is doing to our environment.

So let’s all “Save the Earf”